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It’s time to say goodbye to that old playset–call Magi Junk Removal for affordable playset removal! Removing an old and rotting playset from your backyard is a necessary task and one that is often difficult to accomplish on your own. Magi Junk Removal specializes in light deconstruction and will remove your old and rotting playset that has seen better days and haul it away, leaving you with new found space and nothing to worry about.


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Playset Removal in the San Bernardino and Riverside Areas

Choosing Magi Junk Removal for your playset removal takes all of the hassles out of playset removal. Our team takes care of all of the details, including disassembling your playset, tearing it down, and hauling away and disposing of the old playset. Magi Junk Removal handles all the labor so that you have nothing to worry about. If you are in the San Bernardino and Riverside Areas and need playset removal services, call Magi Junk Removal to haul it away for you!


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Swing sets, trampolines,  and other play structures can be cool additions to your yard, but eventually, they’ll get to a point where they’re just in the way. Whether the kids have outgrown it, or you just want to open up some space in your yard, we can help. Most play structures can’t simply be left out for curbside pickup, which means you’ll have to find a facility that can accept it and then you’ll have to transport it there yourself. Thankfully, Magi Junk Removal is here to handle your swing set removal for you.

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If you are in the San Bernardino and Riverside areas ,and have decided that you are ready to reclaim your space and say goodbye to your old Magi Junk Removal today! We will arrive within 24 hours from the time you book your playset removal job to provide you with a free quote. The cost of removing your playset is the cost of removing the material that the playset produces, the labor is included! We will be ready to remove your playset right away!



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